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Bridal Accessories


13th April 2021 | Julia Braime

This episode ofWEDFLICSis for wedding couples looking for perfect presents and fine finishing touches!

In this show I talk bridal jewellery and gifting with heart with UNVEILED Network Member Annabelle ofMarie Blanche.

This episode includes:

安娜贝拉的背景在珠宝和她的布鲁里溃疡siness began;
How Marie Blanche got its name;
A look at Annabelle’s bespoke gift boxes and the passion behind each piece;
An exploration of Annabelle’s latest collections;
Annabelle’s inspiration when curating a collection;
Annabelle’s favourite pieces;
How to buy a Marie Blanche piece for your wedding day or as a gift;
A special discount code for WEDFLICS viewers

and so much more.

Learn more about Marie Blanche atwww.marie-blanche.co.ukor check out Annabelle’s Instagram feed at@marieblancheuk

WEDFLICSis the channel for cool couples planning a wedding and the super suppliers helping them to do it.


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